Three Things To Do With Your Book

Wisdom V Mupudzi
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This is the most important aspect of the whole process of writing a book. Many people don’t have this down pat so they make a lot of expensive mistakes down the track. However, once this is clear and solid, many of the decisions that will be down the track will be on point.

This is where Simon Sinek gets world famous with Start with Why? What’s your Why? This applies to your book as well, why do you want to write a book? This then is followed by taking the right actions and putting the pillars in place so that your original intent for the book can be achieved. You may find that a fiction author may have different reasons for a book as compared to a non fiction author. Some Non Fiction Authors for instance, want to use their books for credibility and to get speaking gigs etc Also, some fiction books have been turned into movies, for example, The Dry a movie which was big during Australia’s last summer is actually based on a book. Some fiction authors have that dream to have their books turned into movies. Either way, whatever is the intention and purpose of the book, will definitely drive key actions as the book project continues.


Once you have works out there, some people will take interest in your work. This can lead to interviews, whether Podcast, Radio, Television, Youtube, Facebook Lives etc. Any of those interviews can help your brand and also each interview is an opportunity to serve more people with your treasure. Of course, naturally, that can lead to more sales of your book. As opportunities present themselves, by all means go for it.

I remember a few months ago, getting a call from the United States, that phone call led to my first American Radio interview on American Tonight. Definitely one of my highlights for 2021 so far. One thing I know for sure is that the market place is looking for value, so a book is one way of doing that. It can often spark curiosity from different and sometimes unexpected quarters. and this then can leads to many things which include interviews etc One of the things that I like about interviews is that as an author, you have the golden opportunity to share from the heart and you can be able to answer questions and shed more light on the book and its message. It’s also a bit of an adventure, as you may never know who reaches out for you. This means if you are thinking about writing a book, and or you are currently working on one, then that’s another good reason to finally bring the project to completion.


This is also an option but not necessarily all the time. Some people do take the option to take some of their content and mix with fresh content and create both live courses, and or online courses. These courses can go for weeks, one day courses or even a weekend course. This just depends on the journey of the author and what is the person’s goals etc. However, online courses are a good way of providing further value. There can be a number of avenues that can be taken, however, the book can often play a pivotal role, before or after the course etc. After all, you have done the work, the book is yours, and the content there in is yours, so you can use it as you see fit! Issue of Content then brings into the foray the issue around copyrights and ownership of content. This will be a separate post, for later, but I do know that all authors need to fully understand and master this area. I have seen many authors make costly mistakes on this one. You can stay in touch and avoid missing out on any of my future pieces by subscribing/follow.

Having a book is a wonderful thing and it’s also a good thing to throw in the ring anytime that subject of Legacy surfaces ( which is a topic being thrown around loosely these days). I know many people who have talked about and dreamt about writing a book for years, but up to now, they are nowhere near that. In saying that, one of my passions is to help new authors bring their book ideas to life. In saying that, if you are thinking of writing a book, or you are working on one and you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, get a copy of my E Lit Award Winning Ebook, Unleash the Book Within to get a head start. Any questions etc you can inbox. Always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny! ( the E Lit Awards are run by the Jenkins Group, a company based in Michigan, United States with over 25 years in the publishing and Services Industry)

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Always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny!

Wisdom V Mupudzi

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Wisdom V Mupudzi

Award WinninAuthor, Book Coach. I help leaders and entepreneurs accentuate their voices in the market place through the power of a Book