The question is not, ‘’Who Moved My Cheese”but ‘where did the cheese move to? ’’ and “can I make my own cheese!?”

Wisdom V Mupudzi
5 min readSep 23, 2020


As another year comes to a close, as a people we are often pushed and forced to examine where we are and where we need to move to. We are only a few days before we enter the last quarter.

So far, we know 2020 has brought a lot of change. Just remembering that in the first quarter, the pandemic came in like cyclone. Once it was in, key decisions had to be made quickly and restrictions were put in place. Venues had events cancelled, gyms, businesses of various had to be shut down and in a few days, billions were wiped out! This was insane, add the uncertainity of not knowing of how long this thing was going to be in the mix and it was a cocktail like no other.

In saying that, some industries were already struggling and the pandemic was the final nail in the coffin. Musicians and perfomers of different kinds had gigs cancelled in minutes. For a lot of industries, the ‘cheese’’ had moved. This was sudden and unexpected. In Unleash the Book Within I talk about the fact that sometimes the introduction of a government legislation can change a market in a heartbeat, due to issues such as compliance etc. Sometimes its market forces etc.

( Just because you are used to getting ‘’cheese’’ one way, doesnt mean thats the only way to get ‘cheese’, neither does it mean, that your kinda ‘cheese’ is the only one available. )

Often when the ‘’cheese’’ is moved. Sometimes its easy to get perplexed and if its so sudden the sudden shock, can make people forget that they stumbled upon the ‘’cheese’’ maybe a few years ago, but its not definitely the last ‘’cheese’available. Sometimes as a people we do get attached to things and places to the extend that when the ‘’cheese’’ moves its a blessing in disguise. There is a blessing that comes when we ask the right question. Rather than ask, ‘’who moved my cheese’’, maybe its a better idea to ask ‘’where did the cheese move to’’. This is what we saw from the beginning of the 2nd quarter. People who had never bothered about taking social media seriously etc suddenly realised that, ‘’hang on’’, maybe this is where the ‘’cheese’ has moved to. We have seeen fitness trainers, teachers, instructors, and experts of different niches find their way into the online space. Businesses on the verge of collapse, were given a new lease of life by jumping online. Zoom has been in existence for a few years, but you would be forgiven to think that Zoom is this new ‘’thing’’ that was created in 2020. No it wasn’t, it was already there but people suddenly ‘discovered’’ their need for it this year, many more people this year that is. I was introduced to Zoom many years ago by my Irish friend. Often most times we have communicated, we have tended to use the platform for long and extended chats. Which brings me to this point, some things are in front of you and just because you dont see their need right now, doesnt mean they are not there!!!How about that!

( during this pandemic, some finally found their ‘groove’ in Writing again).

The education system has primarily taught us to exchange time for ‘’cheese’’. However, as the world evolves its becoming crystal clear that, that is not the only option. There is a new generation that is being taught to make their own’’cheese’’. This takes a different mindset and requires the development of new competences. This is the starting point of a new journey! “‘How can i make my own cheese”. Rather than wait for someone else to hand me the ‘’cheese’’. how do I make the ‘’cheese’’ when i want it in my own terms.

As we enter the last quarter, many people are being force to think about that. This maybe due to ‘’work politics’’ or sometimes just the inner knowing and desire for something more. More so, after such a crazy few months that has given many more people, time to think and ponder about what they really want. One of the by products of 2020 is that many people have found their passions, new hobbies etc some have picked up reading again, I for one have started playing the acoustic guitar, others have finally picked up those dreams that were reserved for ‘’someday’’. Some during the lock down, finally managed to write their first book. If that’’s you, you are thinking of writing one, here is something that can help on the journey.

So in seasons of rapid change, and market shifts the right questions can often help us find our campus again. This applies to whether its a case of retrenchmens, stand downs, or just ugly market shifts driven by technology. Many times, when the ‘’old cheese’’ has been moved or taken away, we get a chance to create ‘’new cheese’’. Sometimes we get to decide new ways of getting ‘’cheese’’. At the end of the day. we all want ‘’cheese’’. If we can get it in the way that feels aligned to us, thats something and thats where the magic happens. Of course many times, depending on seasons, we might start off just happy that we have some ‘’cheese’’ and not be fussy about a lot of things. However, as one discovers purpose, and passion, we suddenly realise there is actually a lot more ways of getting ‘’cheese’’ than we were taught previously.

( Its easy for people to define themselves by what they do, especially if they have done it for a long time. So when the ‘’Cheese’’ moves, many people get the blessing of being able to redefine themselves! )

Next time if for any reason, the ‘’cheese’’ is moved, by market forcces or otherwise. Dont stress on the who, ask ‘’where was the cheese moved to’’ and most importantly, ‘’can i make my own cheese’’ based on my skill set?? etc and go from there. You may need to develop new skills or competences in order to make your own ‘’cheese’’ in a way that feels more aligned to you!

Always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny!

Wisdom V Mupudzi

Wis is an Award Winning Author and Book Coach, who beleives a book is a great way to accentuate your voice in the market place and get some cheese. His latest book. You can also connect via Instagram



Wisdom V Mupudzi

Award WinninAuthor, Book Coach. I help leaders and entepreneurs accentuate their voices in the market place through the power of a Book