Switching Floors from “Someday Im gonna’ to ‘’ I’m Doing Reality”.

So its almost half time into the year that is 2019. As another financial year comes to a close, we know companies will be taking stock of their endeavours and exploits and also brace for the new financial year.

Someday Im gonna

For many people with dreams, ideas and visions, many times the challenge is always moving from ‘’Someday im gonna’’ to ‘’im doing reality””. This gap is where dreams are made or destroyed or basically go nowhere. After talking to many people this year and over the years, I have discovered that for the most part, people sometimes know what they ought to be doing. This is in terms of purpose.

The truth of the matter is that whilst i appreciate the role of the education system, it doesnt teach people how to discover purpose. Yes, in the whole journey of kinder to University, we learn so much, but also we are not taught many things. Here is an example, a child grows up with a passion for hair, that child loves hair, and is constantly plaiting and plaiting others and doing an incredible job. However, for the most part, society is largely programmed to get a ‘’stable’’ job, and a stellar career that one can rise in. If not nurtured this child grows up and pursues maybe nursing because her friends and her parents expect her to have a ‘’stable’ job. The passion for hair, it doesn’’t go away, it doesnt go away because you were born for it. What you were born for, doesnt go away, the desire will stay for the long term, some people cope by hiding it for themselves. Its the same thing for many women who get disappointed in relationships that they end up hiding or supressing that desire for a man, and this is when we hear words such as, ‘’i dont need a man’’, being hurled to anyone who dare ask that question, ‘’why are you still single?’’

This is what happens to many people, the desire is still there but they are doing something else. From time to time, the desire gets real, but the thought of sacrificing time, money and energy into this ‘’thing’’ is confronting, so it becomes, ‘’someday’’. When I was going through University etc, i have always known that i had a creative side. Despite my formal training in accounting and attaining business and accounting degrees I knew that I love things creative and ideas. So whilst Iwas good and a m good with the practical and technical accounting stuff, I also love the aspect of Strategic planning and thinking, and naturally in those areas it was a breeze.

To cut a long story short, i had to embrace all facets of me. My passion for relationships etc so the writing and release of my first book, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner. This went on to win and international award.

Since then, I have also gone to do other works, which you can find on Amazon, Ibooks, etc. I’m not going to bore you with my broadcasting appearances. Bottom line, this was being fueled by passion and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Yes, i felt some fears along the process and confronted them. This is how I can help new authors, new entrepreneurs who are stepping into their purpose. For many, its things like fear of success, shame, guilt etc this is what I call the internal game! By dealing with these things, one can then be able to actually start ‘’doing’’ what they have always wanted to do.

Having said that, im aware that some people wanted to be doctors from an early age, and they became that. However, not many people are in that place, where they found purpose first, then went to school and university to train for it, and then became it and are doing it! For many, adjustments had to be made and some are still trying to make adjustments.

Often when I hear, ‘’someday I’m gonna’’ without a specific date, then I know many times there is work to be done. You can hear, ‘’ someday im gonna start a business””, its one thing for one to say that once, but if years go by, then there is a problem. Many times its easier to just throw ‘’someday’’, than set a specific date, a specific date means we are now accountable. We now have to face our fears, whether its fear of disappointment, fear of failure, or maybe just fear of venturing out.

Future plans that are bonafide always require a date or a rough time line. Sharp contrast between ‘’someday’’, and ‘’this coming December, i start working on that idea that i discussed with my friend’’. As long there is no clear time frame, it may indicate that there is still ‘’internal work’’ to be done. In relationships, this can cause things to take a turn when someone says, ‘’ someday i will marry her”, and another year goes by. One can only imagine what this means.

Having said that, sometimes to get back to our dreams and manifest them, we have to go back to the essence of who we are. Through life, ‘’happenstance’’, winds of change and all that, its easy to go off centre. However, when we connect with the core of who we are, we can start making progress towards what we really want.

( Do the work, the ‘’internal’’ and external work to manifest your purpose)

For more on this, see Recode, The Identity Project : Redefining A Brand Called You.

Having said that, always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny!

Wisdom V Mupudzi

Wisdom Unlimited International



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Wisdom V Mupudzi

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