Pull Up A Chair and Introduce Yourself.

Wisdom V Mupudzi
4 min readMar 24, 2022


As the war in Ukraine rages on, I was reminded a few days ago of a quote that says, “Leadership is not given, but it is taken.’ Months back, the leadership of Afghanistan ran for their lives and allegedly some even in their private jets, leaving the country and ordinary citizens at the mercy of the Talibans. President Zelenksy kindly rejected an offer from the United States to be evacuated, and chose to stay and fight for his country with his people. He chose to step up! This is what leadership is all about. Others would have grabbed that enticing offer and saved their backside and in days probably would be poached somewhere by the beach drinking a mojito or some other cock tail!

Far too many people are ‘’waiting’ for the right moment or right ‘’opportunity’’. I have come to appreciate that sometimes life demands that we evolve and embrace the next level version of ourselves. True, some opportunities are presented to us, but some opportunities are created. You create your own opportunities! This is why I love entepreneurs and creative people, they can make do with little and at times, create something out of thin air! Sometimes the issue is not lack of resources, but the ability to be resourceful!

Many times, life demands that we show up fully, full throttle, full force! However, it takes a certain level of risk taking and being well grounded Identity wise, to show up and say here I am, deal or no deal!? Unfortunately many people are still struggling with their identity. So many times people are waiting for someone on the outside to valide what they are called to do or what they are feeling already!

For people who have always looked to leadership for validation or approval to do even the smallest thing, they have that need on a subconscious level for someone in authority to validate what they are doing. This is why a Church Centred life is dangerous. There is a big contrast between a Church Centred life and a Christ centred life. People who live a Church centred life can often fall become prey. They become prey to religious cults and become slaves of religious constructs that keep them in perpetual bondage, and in the meanwhile wondering why all the glorious prophecies they were given are not coming to pass! Thats a whole topic for another day!

Identity is Key to our ability to Manifest Purpose.

Life is too short to keep waiting at times. Imagine walking into a room full of tables. In those multiple tables, there are all sorts of delicacies and drinks of all tastes. You enter the room, and on the immediate left, there is Josh Frydenburg with Gordon Brown having a chat about all things budgets, macro economics etc, and on the adjacent table there is Peter Thiel, and the Afterpay founders discussing all things fintech. As you walk across the room, you see over there Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jessica Mauboy, of course they are talking all things creative. This is a big room. You can choose to keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to join in or you can find the conversation you want to be part of. You step up to that table, pull up a chair and introduce yourself.

Choose the Converstations You want to be part of..

Life is a journey and a process, in the event that you want a change of conversation, you can leave the table and go to another table and enter a new conversation. This is what life sometimes is like. Go join the conversation, you want to be part of. There are many ways of introducing yourself. Good news is that, there are far too many conversations taking place. Choose the conversations you want to be part of. Unsubscribe to the ones you no longer want or that you find distasteful.

One of the main ways of introducing yourself to the market place at large is through a book. Over the years, many books have touched my life. I have also touched many lives through some of my books, from the very first one, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner, to one of my recent ones, Unleash the Book Within. I still get inboxes about books I wrote several years ago, simply because I chose to introduce myself and be a blessing to others.

In Unleash the Book Within, I do cover many things that causes many people not to step up and ‘’introduce themselves’’. Many of those things are what I call, “”Destiny Assassins””. In saying that, you have a choice as to what conversation you want to be part of. If you are tired of your current conversations, feel free to change them.

You can also continue with the same conversations that you are having, if that’s what you love to do.

Blessings and always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny!

Wisdom V Mupudzi. ( Award Winning Author and Book Coach, who is passionate about seeing leaders and entepreneurs bring their book ideas into life).



Wisdom V Mupudzi

Award WinninAuthor, Book Coach. I help leaders and entepreneurs accentuate their voices in the market place through the power of a Book