No Fly Zone!

Wisdom V Mupudzi
4 min readMar 14, 2022


Its the third week of one of the most controversial wars of our time. Russian forces bombarding Ukraine from multiple angles. Whats even crazy is that Russia forces were stationed on Ukraine borders since November, before making the onslought just under three weeks ago. This is a serious precedent that has been set, a sovereign nation being bombarded and potentially taken over by another state with the rest of the world watching!

( Every country has a Sovereign right and rule over its Airspace)

Every nation has a right to rule its Airspace. The Air provides strategic ability and vantage point to view the goings on across a bigger and broader radius, providing literally that ‘’Bird eye view’’. Lately we know President Zelensky of Ukraine has been literally begging NATO to declare a NO FLY Zone over Ukraine. This would mean, that any Russian plane that encroaches the Ukraine Airspace will be taken out. For obvious reasons, NATO has been saying no. Obviously NATO is trying to avoid escalating an already dire situation. This is very sensitive and delicate situation, and its easy to step into a war, but its often difficult to get out! If NATO would declare that, this means that if they take down a Russian plane, they would now come into a direct head to head battle with Russia! Putin has made threats, and no one knows whats his strategy or plan of action will be, should things escalate that he is now head to head with NATO. I also suppose its those threats which is a form of intimidation that has made many countries opt for sanctions as opposed to a direct conflict! The whole situation is very sensitive and volatile, one wrong move and nations will get recruited and it will be one nation after the other or group of nations after another group of nations. Those who beleive in the power of prayer, the time is now!


Anytime you talk about Airspace, its unfair not to talk about atmospheres! Cities have atmospheres, churches have atmosphers, restaurants have atmospheres etc Many people you have felt it but you just didnt have the language to articulate what you felt.

Office building have atmospheres. Ever walked into one building and it feels constricted and then you walk into another building or house and you feel that sense of liberty, an atmosphere with a sense of freedom. When I was learning about this, I once walked into one church, and gees, there was this sense of dryness! I knew this was an Ichabod kind of situation, (Ichabod is church speak for ‘the glory has departed’ ). That was years ago, and lets just say, I never set my foot in that church again!!!

Obviously a home that plays a lot of Nicki Minaj or Cardi B and a home that plays a lot of Darlene Zschech or Kari Jobe will have different atmospheres! A place or whatever else where people are always shouting, arguing or where there is strife, will have a different atmosphere, to a place where people are always happy, laughing and issues and differences are ironed out respectfully with proper dialogue!

( Its Better To Talk Things Through Like Mature adults, than allow things to fester for days!)

Our words that we speak create atmospheres. What if you were to declare ‘No Fly zone’’ to gossip, someone wants to come with gossip that you know will affect you emotionally, tell them No fly zone. They want to talk about your Ex, and have you start speaking all those things that he or she put you through for the nth time, what if you declare ‘No Fly Zone”. They open their mouth to try and attack someone else who is living their best life, what if you just declare no fly zone! People have already gone through so much over the last few years, why tolerate a negative atmosphere!?Sometimes the effects of certain words will linger for days after someone has uttered them. Well, just keep it simple, No Fly Zone babey! When that spirit of heaviness tries to come over your atmosphere, what if you declare No fly zone? How better will be your atmosphere!

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Blessings and always remember, you have an Uncommon Destiny!

Wisdom V Mupudzi .



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