Megxit, Harry and Meghan Are Fighting For the Number One Thing That We All Want and Desire….

Wisdom V Mupudzi
5 min readJan 16, 2020


So there was Brexit and here comes Megxit. What a way to start the new year and decade that is 2020! Missiles in Iran and a general is basically ‘’deleted’’ from the face of the earth in an instant during the very first week of the year, courtesy of a drone. Days later, Iran decided to return serve, and oh boi, was the U. S personnel serving in Iraq lucky, no one was caught in the cross fire. However, unfortunately another missile brought down a passenger plane carrying over 170 people, which brings back memories of MH17. So sad as the plane carried innocent passengers from Canada, UK etc. Days later, then Megxit, phew!!!

So as the news broke out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pulling a “Kelly Clarkson”” ( Break away), I began to remember the build up of the media reports that have sprung up over the last 12 months etc. A documentary shot in South Africa came to mind where Meghan was lamenting the stuff that she has been through and the impact of all that on her mental health. Not only that, but Prince Harry, has also mentioned this issue of mental health. In her own words, ‘’I never thought that it was going to be easy. but fair, I failed to reconcile the ‘’fair’’ part”. Clearly this woman has been through hell and high water for so many reasons. Her family background doesnt help as well.

When i look at her bloodline as well,i’m not surprised that she has been through so much. This is a woman who faced a lot of rejection as a child. She grew up and had to be tough and in a way she is a renegade. Listening to Piers Morgan whinge about his encounters with her and also similar stories of many people that she has allegedly discarded like a tissue of paper. I think this is a woman who has a propensity to protect herself by rejecting others. I’m pretty sure her decision to want out of ‘The Firm’’ may be driven by the rejection thats on her life and that she has encountered through the british media, and of course whatever issues going on in the Palace or that transpired in the Palace when she was there. As much as I dont like to say it, with the information available, i will not be surprised, if she and Harry go separate ways. This woman is a cyclone and a renegade!


The whole issue around financial independence, that was mentioned in the announcement of Megxit hinges on the need for freedom. This woman wants to be free, remembering of course her hollywood roots. She is heavily anchored in Hollywood, when she walked into the palace, expectation was that she was going to be aligned more with british people, but alas, she seemed to keep anchored in her american friends. Whilst there was nothing wrong with that, I think it made more sense for them as a couple to be grounded more and be aligned with more people in the land that they were living in, which is the U. K. Harry grew up within the ‘’Firm’’’and so many people think that he should know better. Having said that, maybe Harry was tired of the institution, and all he needed was that ‘’nudge’’ in the right direction. So naturally, the politics and all controversies provided the perfect recipe for the perfect dish!

Whatever politics that has been going on, I’m sure Meghan and Harry are done with it. In saying that, also Harry clearly is trigged by the media. The number one issue being the fact that her mum died in a car crash being pursued by the paparazzi. One of the things he said is that instead of the media helping at the crash site, they were busy taking pictures. Those pictures made international headlines the next day, talk about being savage! Clearly this young man, still blames the media for the passing of her mum, Princess Diana. The hostility of the british media, mixed with the internal politics of ‘’The Firm’’, brought them as a couple to a place where they wanted OUT! Release of the statement coincided with Kate’s bithday, there is something there! Whether they went to the birthday celebrations or not, there is a question mark, as many media commentators recogn they didnt attend.

In a nutshell this couple is looking for freedom. Freedom from the press, scrutiny etc. You can have millions in the bank, but that doesnt help when you are feeling suffocated, trapped etc. Many people are in marriages but feel trapped, but got 6/7 figures in the bank. The right to call the shots in your life, chart the way to your future, and walk out your uncommon destiny is priceless. Despite the money, Harry and Meghan want out, this is why they are calling for financial independence. By having that financial independence, they cut all obligations tying them to to the palace. Also Harry is a father, he is doing what he knows best to protect his wife and baby Archie.

So they are willing to do anything to get the freedom that they need, emotionally, spiritually, financially etc. On that note, are you willing to pay the price, price for your freedom. Harry and Meghan are paying a heavy price to secure freedom from ‘’The Firm’’ and the ruthless british media. Relationships in the Palace, will never be the same. Clearly things have changed with the brothers, and its so sad. Yes, a composed and united front can be presented to the media, but the events of the last 12 months are telling a story, and that story spells its not well in the royals.

Harry and Meghan just like all of us want the freedom to be, to do, and to become who soever they wish to become. This is the freedom that we all yearn for at some level. This freedom, doesnt look the same. To some, it’s that woman who is married to an abusive spouse, and in some way it can be that guy who is abused by a high powered boss babe, maybe it’s that child in african country who is trying to fight to get good grades, so they can leave the chronic poverty in that third world economy. Till freedom comes, its hard and complex to fully manifest the purpose that is locked within, when we find freedom, we can ‘’fly’’ as a bird!

So in conclusion, lets give Harry and Meghan a break and let them find the freedom they are looking for. Whatever, freedom means to you, go for it, and always remember you have an Uncommon Destiny! Whether Meghan and Harry go the distance or not, thats none of our business, should they separate, I will not be surprised, as they both come from ‘’s…..ty”” bloodlines, particularly Meghan!



Wisdom V Mupudzi

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Wisdom V Mupudzi

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